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6 days ago — to write your name on something to show that you wrote/painted, etc it or to show that you agree to it. подписывать(ся). He signs his …

What Are Hard Sign (Ъ) and Soft Sign (Ь) in Russian?

What Are Hard Sign (Ъ) and Soft Sign (Ь) in Russian? | Verbling

Today, both the Hard sign (Ъ) and the Soft sign (Ь) are used to separate a consonant and a vowel (mostly Я, Ё, Е, Ю), only the Hard sign (Ъ) separates a Hard …

✓ What exactly are Hard Sign (Ъ) and Soft Sign (Ь) in Russian? ✓ How do they sound? ✓ When do you use them? The bottom line is, today both of them don’t have any sound and serve as an apostrophe in…


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Signs in RussianEdit. Russian language has two unusual letters. They are called hard sign and soft sign (твёрдый знак and мягкий знак in Russian).

How to read Russian: Lesson 6

How to read Russian: Lesson 6 – Learn Russian for free

By the way, in Russian “ь” is called мягкий знак (myah-kij znak), which means “soft sign”. Listen to the following examples and try to feel the difference …

Soft sign

Soft sign – Wikipedia

The soft sign (Ь, ь, italics Ь, ь) also known as the front yer, front jer, or er malak (lit. “small er”) is a letter of the Cyrillic script.

Soft sign (Ь) and hard sign (Ъ) in Russian alphabet

Russian Sign Language – Wikipedia

Russian Sign Language (RSL) is the sign language used by the Deaf community in Russia and possibly Ukraine, Belarus and Tajikistan. It belongs to the French …

Russian letter ъ, hard sign in Russian, твердый знак – YouTube

Soft sign (Ь) and hard sign (Ъ) in Russian alphabet

Soft sign (Ь) and hard sign (Ъ). Russian grammar: Russian alphabet. +102. Now you’ …

There are just 2 letters left to learn, they are neither vowels nor consonants. They don’t even have their own sound. So what are they? We call them signs: the hard sign and the soft sign.

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